Delete Empty Keyframes

This Command will delete all empty keyframes on the selected layers. This is useful when you get a messy file from your designers and want to tidy it up a bit.

An empty keyframe is determined as follows:

  • Does it have elements on the stage?
  • Does it have actionscript?
  • Does it have a label or comment?
  • Does it have a sound?
  • Does the previous frame contain elements on the stage?

If the answer to each of the above criteria is ‘No’ then the keyframe will be removed.

To select multiple layers, click the layer and hold the ‘Shift’ key, then click the next layer.

The Delete Empty Keyframes Command can be found in:

Commands > Delete Empty Keyframes

Download Here (.mxp)

To install this extension you will need Macromedia Extension Manager 1.6 or greater and Macromedia Flash MX 2004 or greater.

This extensions is licensed under a Creative Commons License. If you choose to download it then you are agreeing to the terms in this license agreement.

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  1. FJGamer says:

    Thanks a lot! ^_^ I might actually use this!