PaperVision3D Experiment

If you havent heard already, PaperVision3D is in public beta, i haven’t done much experimenting over the past 6 months, ive been out and about enjoying myself instead, but ive now made a concious effort to put some fun back into my work, so ive been spending some time playing with Flash again, mashups et al.

Ive set up a new site, which will eventually become an experimental gallery, in the meantime, i wanted to put something up there, since ive just registered the domain.

I decided to have a quick dabble with PaperVision3D, and it officially rocks, its so easy, although the API needs some work and i found some rendering glitches here and there but anyways my new site took 30 minutes to put together and just less than 100 lines of code, before PaperVision3D and Actionscript 3, something like this would be sssssllllooooooowww and would take 10 times as long to put together and most probably alot more code. My oh my how far things have come.

Now, what can i make next….

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4 Responses to “PaperVision3D Experiment”

  1. Daniel says:

    Really nice application also love the new blog design.

  2. Jvy says:

    Good demo. May be you can submit to the papervision3d demo site:


  3. Digiguru says:

    Refreshing change to the site dude!

  4. is that a papervision scene, on a papervision scene??
    nice one, very cool effect…