Adobe MAKE SOME NOISEAndre Michelle is leading a campaign called Adobe MAKE SOME NOISE that is calling for Adobe to take some action and fix a pretty big problem with the Actionscript Sound API in the latest Flash Player and also to rally together support to show Adobe that alot of people need/want more control over sound with Actionsript in the next version of the Flash Player.

Andre does some really cool stuff with Flash, some of which im sure you have seen in the past. Alot of his commercial work of late seems to be advanced sound manipulation applications, for which he has had to hack his way around the limited sound api that exists today. A recent Flash Player dot release broke most of these applications.

Show your support and blog about it! Spread the word please.

3 Responses to “Adobe MAKE SOME NOISE”

  1. Flash says:

    It’s a shame Flash has a limited sound api, I hope they release many new features just like they did for image manipulation.

  2. harper102 says:

    yep i wished there sound api was better :/
    ima rss this :D

  3. AlienXS says:

    Since they ate Macromedia they’re abusing their power over the market.
    I sincerely don’t like what Adobe has become, both the support and marketing area are simply LAME (they even suggested me to lean on some forum instead of taking charge of the problem - even if this would mean having Pirates giving me cracks to make something I BOUGHT work) and if would have a chance to have an alternative I would quit using their software.

    Adobe, wake UP!!!!